Some of Donadel’s best screamers

The Italian midfielder loved a good shot from outside the box

As a holding midfielder, Marco Donadel’s job wasn’t to score goals, far from it. The Italian midfielder was a calming presence for the Montreal side in the middle of the pitch, helping with the transition between defense and attack and finding open spaces with pinpoint accuracy in his passing. His grit and passion were essential in recovering the ball in vulnerable spaces, allowing the Impact to regain possession and make their way forward.

In the final third, Donadel’s role was limited, as it is for most players that occupy his position. But the former Impact player had a secret weapon in his arsenal, a weapon that made him a threat offensively.

Donadel had a hell of a shot.

That goal showcased above was scored in the game that will be broadcast live on tonight as of 7:30pm, against the Columbus Crew SC. Although Donadel didn’t score much for the Impact, when he did, he made sure to make them goal of the season candidates.

Of the three goals Donadel scored for the Impact, all three were from outside the box, including the one against the Columbus Crew, which was coincidentally his first with the Montreal squad.

Here’s a look at his other MLS stunners, with a feature from Serie A as well.

Montreal v Vancouver – 2017

For someone like Donadel, who carries that type of shot in his boots, there may be nothing more satisfying than the build-up to this particular goal. Imagine waiting a few metres away from the top of the box, and all of a sudden, a botched tackle causes the ball to slowly roll towards you, with not a man in sight to block a shot on goal.

Donadel saw his moment, and took advantage of it by finding the bottom left corner.

Toronto v Montreal – 2017

One of the Impact’s most memorable MLS wins against Toronto, at BMO Field, was the scene for the Italian maestro’s next screamer. With the Impact already up 1-0, Donadel’s strike in the 12th minute must’ve felt like a knife to TFC supporters present, who would go on to watch their team lose at home for the first and only time that season.

But what made this shot especially brilliant was the swerve. Watch it again, and you’ll notice the ball heading straight into the path of goalkeeper Alex Bono, nestled in the middle of the net.

Yet somehow, it ends up in the top corner. Very Pirloesque from the Italian.

Fiorentina v Bari - 2011

We leave you with another Donadel golazo, this one scored before his MLS days, while he was still with Fiorentina in Serie A. Obviously, it was from outside the box.