Embracing newcomers important for Impact

There’s been somewhat of an overhaul this year.

Even before this week, which saw the Impact officialise the signings of two new players, a number of changes made during the offseason had given the team a bit of a new face, although some of the core remained the same. Players that were considered new last year may be considered veterans today.

“We knew additions were coming,” said full-back Daniel Lovitz. “We didn’t know the timing of it or where they would fit into the team, but it’s great to have them now. We all knew that we were going to come in this year and some things were going to change.”

The Bleu-blanc-noir’s transfer shopping has been quite busy, although the players have been keen on welcoming newcomers with open arms.

“Our goal during preseason was to make sure we had a foundation and a culture to bring those guys into,” added Lovitz. “I think we’ve done a great job of that so far. I think the results will start reflecting that more as we could move forward with the season.”

Good group

Jukka Raitala is one of the newcomers, having joined the team during the offseason via trade. For him, the group’s character made it an easy place to fit into.

“This is a team with good guys,” said Raitala. “It was easy for me to join the team, and I’m sure the new guys will feel at home right away as well. It’s just good to get the new guys here so we can get to know each other.”

At the end of the day, despite language barriers, different interests, and different life experiences, the players know they’re here for the same reason: to find success as a team.

“It’s natural,” added Raitala. “Soccer is international, we all know how to play, so at the end everything else doesn’t matter.”