Allen McEachern

The Impact U17 plays for a good cause

Last Saturday, a friendly game was played in Mont Tremblant, opposing a team from Soutana FC and the Impact U17 for a nice cause.

Jean-Luc Ruiz, technical director of Soutana FC, contacted the Academy a few months ago to organize a charitable game to help one of their young goalkeepers, Émilien Gauthier, affected by cancer, and his family. The game was played in front of 250 people.

Without any hesitation, the Academy accepted the invitation.

“It was important for us to give emotions to the hundreds of people in the stands,” said Impact U17 head coach Nicolas Gagnon. “It was a friendly game and I think the players were moved by Émilien and his courage. He seemed happy and also touched. He appreciated the attacking abilities of our players and liked the game.”

Goals were not counted because of the nature of the event. In the second half, the officials decided to mix both teams on the field to make the experience as friendly as possible.