Throwback Impact – February 26 to March 4

February 28, 1999

The Impact achieves a rare feat in Sunrise, Florida: before this 14-0 win over the ThunderCats, the National Professional Soccer League hadn’t seen a clean sheet since February 8, 1998. Paolo Ceccarelli surrenders nothing between the sticks while Giuliano Oliviero, Mauro Biello, Everton Jackson, Rudy Doliscat, Nicola Corneli, Eduardo Sebrango and Nevio Pizzolitto all score at the other end. They may not be winning on the score card, but the Thundercats still go for the knockout blow: 52 seconds from full time, reports the Canadian Press, “John Purtteman, the Cats player who injured Grant Needham on Friday [in a 9-3 Impact win over the ThunderCats], tried to go after Pizzolitto. Oliviero came to his teammate’s defence, and most players joined into the mêlée.”

March 1, 1998

And one, and two, and three! While the Canadiens hit rock bottom with a 4-0 loss at Toronto over the weekend and Expos fans are relieved to learn that Vladimir Guerrero is not suffering from a broken hand after being hit by a pitch, the Impact delights its supporters with three wins on three consecutive nights in Baltimore (17-13), Harrisburg (11-9) and Philadelphia (15-12). Forward Eloy Salgado stars with two game-winners, which is more goals than the Canadiens scored all week.