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100% High School Graduation for Academy players

The Montreal Impact has always made it clear that success in school is just as important as success on the pitch, and with all 12 of its eligible Academy players graduating from high school, the proof is in the pudding.

“For us, success in the classroom and success on the field is one in the same,” said Impact U21 head coach Philippe Eullaffroy. “A young player’s development on the field is accentuated by the equilibrium in his personal life. School is part of that equilibrium. Part of our mandate is to guide these young players academically and sportingly. That includes being flexible with our training when school work take precedence.”

“We know that not all of these young players will make it to professional level, therefore, we provide the support needed to be successful in school so that they may lead full and productive lives outside the pitch, in another potential career. The success of our 2012 graduates proves how impottan the synergy of education and soccer is for the Academy. We are proud of all they have accomplished.” 

Earlier this month, France was up in arms after it was discovered that only 14% of the Academy players at Olympique de Marseille1 earned their baccalauréat (equivalent of high school leaving certificate).

Here, the Impact boasts a 100% success rate, and all 12 of its graduates deciding to further their education by attending CEGEP in the fall.

Now, as the U21 team continues its tour of France and playing some of the top club’s reserve sides to learn new aspects of the game, they are probably expanding their minds even further by visiting the historical sites on their days off!

Bravo Class of 2012!

2012 Graduates
AGDAY, Tarik: Vanier College – Science
AIT SLIMANE, Ilyes: Champlain (Alliance sports-etudes)
AIT SLIMANE, Yacine: Champlain (Alliance sports-etudes)
BEAUDRY CORBEIL, William: Ahuntsic
BÉLAND-GOYETTE, Louis: College Maisonneuve – Social Science
BRINGOLF, Mitchel: Vanier
CHARBONNEAU, Janouk: College Ahuntsic – Natural Sciences
DUCEPPE, Francis: College Edouard-Montpetit
GAGNON-LAPARÉ, Jeremy: Ahuntsic
RADONCIC, Haris: Ahuntsic
TEMGUIA, Mélé: College Ahuntsic – Communications
VALLÉE, Jonathan: College Ahuntsic – Natural Sciences

1Source : Football365