Joueur du mois janvier - EN

Nutrilait Player of the month - January

The Nutrilait player of the month, a program presented by Nutrilait, is an opportunity for Academy coaches to put forward and reward a player from the U14 and U15 group that distinguished himself, each month. The selection is based on athletic, academic and community criteria that tale into account the player’s efforts, progression, perseverance and involvement. Another important point is the player’s capacity to show initiative and leadership with different actions within the club or the community, all the while respecting the values of the Impact Academy.

The player of the month will have his photo displayed by the Centre Nutrilait locker rooms and will get a $100 gift card at Evangelista Sports.

U14 Nutrilait player of the month
Luca de Montigny

Luca’s performances in training and in games were very good since we came back from the Christmas holidays. His attitude, his work rhythm, his intensity, his focus and his competitive spirit were the best in his group in the last few months. He has also shown leadership and maturity in regard to his own development.

Finally and most importantly, his academic results were excellent in the last months. Congratulations Luca!

U15 Nutrilait player of the month
Elay Chartouni

Elay is showing more and more consistency in his performances in training, both with the U15 and the U17 teams. He remains a great example for his peers as his important growth on the field in the last months has allowed him to become a starter. His speed and the frequency at which he takes in information were greatly improved; it’s shown in his play.

Through his attention to detail, he perfections his game by focusing on precise elements. Moreover, his attitude is very good, both on and off the field. Congratulations Elay!

Nutrilait player of the month 2019-2020

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October: Gaël De Montigny U14 | Matteo Schiavoni U15
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