Impact players celebrate International Women’s Day

On this International Women’s Day, Impact Media asked Montreal Impact players to pay tribute to women who inspire them. Here are their answers.

Hernán Bernardello: “In a family, THE woman in the family is always the mom. But then you get married, and it becomes the wife. And then you have a daughter, and she becomes the centre of your universe. [Bernardello and his wife Tamara have a daughter, Isabella.] Thanks to women, we’re all here. We owe them the utmost respect.”

Laurent Ciman: “A footballer’s life looks great and everything, but we don’t see much of those who stay in the shadows. I only became the footballer and the father that I am today because of my wife Diana, who’s been with me through it all. Being home alone with the kids, with my travels and whatnot, isn’t always easy. If there’s one woman I want to thank today, it’s my wife – as well as my mom Fabienne, of course. That goes without saying.”

Evan Bush: “I have three sisters, and when I was growing up, my dad’s work required that he travel quite a lot, and my mom Cathy held a lot together in those years. Now, I have children, and when you have kids, you have more respect for those moments when she was able to get everyone to their practice or shows on time. We never skipped a beat with her.”

Maxime Crépeau: “The woman that’s number 1 in my life is my fiancée, Christina. She’s always there to support me in all my projects and in everything I attempt. The other woman in my life is my mom Huguette. She gave birth to me and taught me everything. They both are my inspiration.”

Marco Donadel: “Women are important in my life: I have a wife and three daughters. Obviously, the most important woman in my life is my mom. She’s by my side every day. She has supported me so much.”

Kyle Fisher: “My mom has been an inspiration in my life, for what she does for me and for my brothers. It’s really important to have a family connection. I stay really close to her, and I try to support her as well as she supported us, giving us a life that we can enjoy, doing what we want to do.”

Patrice Bernier: “My wife has always been an inspiration. She’s strong. She’s there for us. She’s gone through a lot. The woman who put a soccer ball in front of me is my mom. She guided me in the right direction. My dad was my coach, but my mother oriented me, made me more professional and got me to understand what opportunities were in front of me.”