The Academy takes part in Shaved Head Challenge

Once again this year, the Impact Academy took part in the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge. Players and staff exceeded their $5000 target and collected a total of $6,281. Tuesday September 1st, two students from the Académie Tornade proceeded in shaving the heads of all the participants.

Maximilian Banfi and Tyrese Joseph (U13), Justin Auger, Bobe Don Junior and Kevin Tran (U16), Badreddine Boulajoul (U18), Mitchel Bringolf and John Dinkota (FC Montreal), as well as Yannick Girard, Simon Gatti and Nima Azadeh from the Academy staff all took part. 

The Shaved Head Challenge supports children forced to live with changes to their personage following hair loss due to chemotherapy. It also helps raise money for the families of children suffering from cancer as well as assists in research efforts.

Photos of the event