Jeb Brovsky collecting food and clothing donations for Old Brewery Mission

When the Denver Broncos won the AFC Championship game, Colorado native Jeb Brovsky saw his favourite team earn a spot in the Superbowl, but he also took notice of an opportunity to help others in need.

"As a Broncos fan, I saw an opportunity to not only get together to watch the game and have some fun, but also to engage the community and raise some money,” said the philanthropist.

Brovsky and his supporters group the Jebi Knights spoke with the owners of Champs Sports Bar on St. Laurent and, as often is the case with the Jebi Knights, “the idea took off quickly”, with the Old Brewery Mission as the beneficiary.

The Old Brewery Mission began as a soup kitchen founded in 1889. The Old Brewery Mission provides four levels of services: emergency, transition, housing and services for women.

"It’s been so cold lately, and there are so many people on the streets in need of food and clothing," Brovksy told Impact Media. "This is a chance for us to enjoy the game together, but do some good at the same time."

Brovsky and his team will be collecting warm clothes and canned foods during the event and is expecting a couple of special guests.

"I’d advise those interested in coming to get here around 5pm,” he added, “time enough to get some food, chat and collect donations."

"Oh, and Go Broncos!"