Players getting creative in workout routines

Let’s be honest, there are a few challenges with the new reality at the moment. As most of us are confined to our homes, changes to our daily lives are something we all must deal with. One of those challenges, and the one that affects us the most, is working out.

For the Montreal Impact players, training is an enormous part of the job, and they’ve all found different ways to cope with the lack of on-field training for the moment. Although there aren’t millions of ways to work out from the confines of your home, the Impact made it a little easier by shipping stationary bikes to everyone, the same ones the players are used to at Centre Nutrilait.

Ballou and Quioto have already given it a whirl.

Bojan is showing us all how it’s done, overlooking the “Ville de Coeur.”
For others, the main solution has become running, as it gives them the opportunity to also step outside and get some fresh air. Samuel Piette’s morning routine includes a 5k run, but that's not all our pitbull is up to. 

Evan Bush, on the other hand, has tapped into his creativity when it comes to working out, as you can see in the video below, using the tools at his disposal in this West Island home, and using his children’s chalk to create exercises on the street outside of his home.

“Our fitness trainer Jules has given us all a program to follow,” said goalkeeper Evan Bush. “I’ve added some of my stuff into it as well. We’re all struggling to figure out how to get things done, but I’ve made a little makeshift gym in the basement if you will.”

Joel Waterman, on his end, has combined his home workouts with outdoor runs in the park and box jumps on the park bench.

Of course, we’ve all been juggling toilet paper as well while isolated, as the internet craze ensues. The Impact players are no exception, putting together this video last week. And if you think juggling toilet paper isn’t much of a workout, why was I sweating after just five minutes of attempting to keep it up more than three times?