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Nutrilait Player of the month - November

The Nutrilait player of the month, a program presented by Nutrilait, is an opportunity for Academy coaches to put forward and reward a player from the U14 and U15 group that distinguished himself, each month. The selection is based on athletic, academic and community criteria that tale into account the player’s efforts, progression, perseverance and involvement. Another important point is the player’s capacity to show initiative and leadership with different actions within the club or the community, all the while respecting the values of the Impact Academy.

The player of the month will have his photo displayed by the Centre Nutrilait locker rooms and will get a $100 gift card at Evangelista Sports.

U14 Nutrilait player of the month

Alessandro Biello

During the month of November, Alessandro has shown how important he is for the U14 group. He performed well during training sessions and games, but the most important is that he’s shown his competitive spirit and his leadership qualities when the group did not get positive results in friendly games. During this tough stretch for the team, he remained calm, worked hard to improve, has shown signs of mental resiliency and stayed positive with himself and his teammates. Alessandro is also doing very good work in the study room and always has exemplary behavior at the training centre. Congratulations Alessandro!

U15 Nutrilait player of the month

Guilherme Gomes Sousa

Along with being an example off the field, Guilherme has been amongst the highest performing players on the pitch, in training and in games. He has shown a good mix of fight and serenity. He brings build-up and precision qualities in his duels, which has led him to take more place in the team. He also brings more and more leadership within the group, on the field and in the locker room. He was invited to train with the U17 team thanks to his good performances in a different position, as he tries to apply what we ask him to do, while keeping his personality. He also improved his behavior and his work in the study room. Congratulations Guilherme!

Nutrilait player of the month 2018-2019

September: David Faustini U14 | Gabriel Antinoro U15
October: Christopher Léger U14 | Maël Henry U15
November: Jordan Vézina U14 | Loic Cloutier U15
January: Elay Chartouny U14 | Matisse Hébert U15
February: Adam Rodrigue U14 | Medgy Alexandre U15
March: Adam Rodrigue U14 | Renaud Caron U15
April: Guilherme Gomes Sousa U14 | Nathan Saliba U15
May: Jordan Vezina U14 | Loic Cloutier U15
September: Antoine Sédar N’Diaye U14 | Matteo Schiavoni U15
October: Gaël De Montigny U14 | Matteo Schiavoni U15