Five reasons you absolutely CANNOT miss our home opener


We’re getting closer and closer to that first home game of the season for the Bleu-blanc-noir. According to our calendar, a little less than 10 days separates us from the moment the supporters, the players, the club - all of Montreal, essentially - has been waiting for. Because the Impact’s return to Stade Saputo isn’t only the first time you’ll get to see a fresh pitch of grass in the city, it’s also a perfect time to get out of hibernating and come spend a nice afternoon outside.

If you’re anything like us, you’re impatient to make your way back to the coziness of Stade Saputo and see the Impact kick the ball around. But if you aren’t like us, here are five reasons to book your tickets for the spring matchup.

  1. Year two of the Rémi Garde era in Montreal

The French head coach has a season’s experience under his belt and has already had the opportunity to slightly remodel his group. The veterans who were there last year, on their end, are already familiar with what the Bleu-blanc-noir boss expects, prefers, and teaches.

  1. The Bleu-blanc-noir’s new primary jersey

She’s a real beauty, the new Montreal Impact jersey: very focused on black, a first for a primary jersey in the Bleu-blanc-noir’s MLS era, it combines history and the future with a certain level of panache. Buy it here.

  1. Spring has sprung

We know, it’s hard not to think about our upcoming summer months at this time of year. Who can’t wait to wear shorts when the sun is shining bright and mercury levels indicate 10 degrees Celsius*?
*Weather conditions are not guaranteed by Impact Media. But if it ain’t snowing, we’re smiling.

  1. The new guys

There’s certainly continuity in the group kicking off 2019: Bush, Sagna, Raitala, Camacho, Cabrera, Lovitz, Piette, Azira, Taïder, Krolicki, Mathieu Choinière, Shome, Piatti and Jackson-Hamel are faces we saw last year who are back with the team in 2019. Although Diallo isn’t a new player, he’ll play his first game at Stade Saputo, he who missed the entire 2018 season and who’s already become an important part of the defensive unit; Novillo and Urruti, on their end, will animate the attack. Reinforcements on both ends of the field are exactly what the Impact needed.

  1. Three points

Obviously. All points count, as we saw in the final 2018 MLS regular standings. Come support us and help us get these three points!