Training camp diary – Day 25

Breaking the routine

Greetings from Florida, Impact supporters. We’re already at Day 25 of camp, and the first regular season game is quickly approaching. But first, there are many more training sessions to be had, and preseason games to be played.

The day started like many others did: with training. Because Al Lang Stadium, where the Impact has been training in St. Petersburg, used to be almost exclusively a baseball stadium for over 60 years, the players warmed up where the pitchers used to, while Rémy Vercoutre and the ‘keepers took over the field. Of course, the team would join the ‘keepers afterwards, focusing exclusively on quality passing exercises for the duration of the first session.

A few players stayed on the pitch after training to play an interesting little game. They would do keepie uppies and pass the ball between themselves, but if you made two mistakes, everyone else in the circle had to flick your ear. I guess it’s how soccer players show love. It was Valentine’s Day after all.

The coaches opted for the beach rather than another training session on the day of love. Volleyball was played, one game featuring certain members of the technical staff against a few players. Some opted to take kayaks into the water, such as head coach Rémi Garde and his assistant coach, Joël Bats. Luckily enough, they found themselves just a few feet away from a dolphin.

We may not be in the same conditions as you, dear Montrealers (it’s sunny here, and not snowing), but you’re always in our thoughts, and we can’t wait to see you on April 13 at Stade Saputo.