Training camp diary – Day 5

Racing around a lake

Day 5 is already in the books, and it was a special one. For the last time, the team headed to the dreaded lake, where, since they’ve the beginning of camp, they’ve been doing their biking and running – you know, all the cardio stuff. By now, they’ve probably come to hate this place, but the motivation to win what has become an annual race under Rémi Garde was extremely high.

The rules of the race are simple. Everyone is partnered with someone else, one with a bike, the other on foot. They can switch whenever they’d like, the goal being to cross the finish line together, first. Last year, young recruit Ken Krolicki teamed up with Nacho Piatti and won the whole thing. Could they possibly repeat? Yes.

For a second straight year, Nacho and Ken took the honours. Very close behind them were Mathieu Choinière and Academy invitee Mikale Fontaine. In third came defender Rudy Camacho and David Choinière.

You can tell the guys were happy to get that over with.