Pantemis returns from Bologna with confidence

Impact goalkeeper spent a month training with the Serie A club

Most people visit Italy for the history, the culture, the delicious food – pasta so good and fresh it’ll make you question what you put in your mouth for the rest of your life.

Not goalkeeper James Pantemis though; well, the young Montrealer most definitely paid a visit or two to local favourite Capone’s restaurant for a plate of Italian style pasta, but the main reason for his month-long trip to the Italian city was a training stint with the Bologna FC first team.

It marks the third time since 2017 that the young ‘keeper has jetted off to Italy to train with the Serie A club for month-long stints.

“It was a really good month of training,” said Pantemis. “Every time I go, I feel more comfortable. It’s a great opportunity to be able to come here. I get to train right after the season finishes and it’s nice to see a different style of play. It benefits me as a player and allows me to bring the stuff I learn back to Montreal.”

The biggest plus it brings to his game is on a mental level. Still just 21 years old, this was only his first full year with the Bleu-blanc-noir’s first team. For Pantemis, his stints in Bologna allow him to measure his capacities in a completely different setting.

“Being able to perform well over there is a boost for me,” explained Pantemis. “The more and more I could succeed in the different environments I’m put in, the better it is for me personally. That’s what I try to take out of it. I try to make sure I perform at the highest level possible, and if I succeed, I’m more confident in the fact that I could be dominant in my position in any environment.”

All in all, it was a successful month for the Impact goalkeeper, on and off the pitch, who assured us that despite the delicious food Bologna has to offer, his body fat remained unchanged; an impressive accomplishment, to say the least. Pantemis is just one example of Bleu-blanc-noir players taking advantage of the synergy between both clubs through training stints.