Photos ARS finale

ARS Québec wins the Mauro Biello Tournament

An intense penalty session was needed following a 1-1 draw in the final of the seventh edition of the Mauro Biello Tournament. The Association régionale de Québec lifted the trophy when they won the penalty shootout, 7-6 against the Montreal Impact, at Centre Nutrilait.

Christopher Jean Léger scored for Montreal during the game, while Loïc Sany-Kong scored the tying goal for Québec.

“The team progressed each game and the players managed to solve the problems that the other teams were causing them,” said ARS Québec head coach Michaël Doukhan. “The other team scored quickly, but the players never gave up. After tying, I felt that the guys were calm. The last minutes were intense as the Impact was pushing and we wanted to hold our ground. The penalty session was in our favor with a decisive stop from one of our goalkeepers.”

In the beginning of the tournament, both teams were in the same group. The Impact finished top of the group with two wins and a draw, including a 1-0 win against Québec.

Individual honors were given at the end of the tournament. Marco Marinaro, from ARS Lac St-Louis, won the trophy for Best Scorer, having scored the most goals throughout the tournament, while Loïc Sany-Kong was named Attacking Player of the tournament. Étienne Godin, from Club de soccer Mont-Royal Outremont, was named the Best Defensive Player, while Louis-Philippe Beauchemin, from CS Longueuil, won the trophy for the Best Goalkeeper of the competition.