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Impact ends its Development Academy season

Last Saturday, the three Development Academy Impact teams played their last game of the season in Pennsylvania, against the Philadelphia Union.

The U15 ended its season on a positive note with a 4-0 win, finishing first in its division with a 19-6-1 record.

The U17 and U19 teams both lost 2-0, but still finished first in their group and will have the opportunity to face the the league’s best teams in the playoffs.

The Impact U15 is champion of the North-East division

In its last game of the regular season, the U15 team had many opportunities to display its offensive threats and found the back of the net four times.

Gabriel Antinoro opened the scoring early after receiving a pass from Loic Cloutier. Then, Abdul Binate scored a brace in the beginning of the second half, and Nathan Saliba scored from 25 metres out to end the game.

The Impact U15 was in its first ever Development Academy season and managed to finish on top of its group thanks to important wins throughout the year, including against the New England Revolution and the New York Red Bulls at Centre Nutrilait.

The Impact U17 falls but stays on top

The Impact U17 had a tough challenge this weekend, against a Union team boasting a similar record.

Philadelphia scored in the first minutes of the game before being stifled multiple times by goalkeeper Jonathan Sirois, who made many impressive saves, before seeing the local team score once more right before the end of the game.

Despite its first loss in six games, Nicolas Gagnon’s team ends the season on top of its group and in an excellent position entering the playoffs, 7th in the entire league.

The Impact U19 loses for only the second time this season

The Impact U19 was facing another team from the league’s top 5 on Saturday.

The Union scored in the 22nd minute off a counterattack after the Impact controlled the run of play in the first half.

Philadelphia scored again in 47th minute, again from a counterattack. The Impact managed to dominate the last 30 minutes of the game, with many U17 players coming in because some U19 players were unavailable that day, but the Union kept its lead until the final whistle.

It was only the second loss this season for the Impact U19, who ends the regular season on top of its group and in the league’s top 4 with the New York Red Bulls, FC Dallas and the Philadelphia Union.

Upcoming games

The Development Academy will draw the groups for the U17 and U19 playoffs this Wednesday, June 6, as well as the opponents that the Impact U15 will face in the end of season Showcase.

All the games will be played between June 16 and 25 in San Diego, California.