Résultats DA

Four clean sheets for the Academy last weekend

The Impact played four games in the Development Academy last weekend. After three games at Centre Nutrilait on Saturday against Empire United’s teams, and another for the Impact U19 in New Hampshire against the FC Boston Bolts, the Impact added 12 points in the standings in the Development Academy, earning four shutout wins.

Down to 10 men, the Impact U15 wins anyway

The U15 team was facing an Empire United team coming to Montreal with a knife between its teeth, as it hasn’t won a game this season. The team’s situation only got worse, as the Impact won 6-0.

Montreal quickly scored the first goal when Maël Henry (U14) scored on a rebound. After controlling most of the first half, Gabriel Antinoro (U14) and Abdul Binate added two goals before halftime.

After many scoring chances in the second half, Loic Cloutier (U14) got a red card and was ejected from the game in the 60th minute. A few minutes later, left-back Enzo Eullaffroy took the ball, dribbled past four opponents and unleashed a right-footed shot that hit the net’s roof to make it 4-0.

Montreal did not settle however, adding two more goals before the end of the game, both from Antinoro, who completed his hat trick to make it 6-0.  

The Impact U17 gets its revenge

In its first game of the season on the road, the Impact U17 lost 1-0 on Empire United’s turf. This time around, Nicolas Gagnon’s team set the record straight with a 5-0 win at home.

The first three goals were scored by Moulay Abdallah Kanzi Belghiti, who had ample opportunities later in the game as well. In stoppage time, the Impact added two goals from Nassim Fadi and Zackiel Brault.

The Impact U19 wins two straight

In the first game against Empire United, the Impact U19 faced a team that shut down it’s opponent well, without getting on the ball too often. We had to wait until the end of the first half to see the Impact score. Mikale Fontaine scored first goal off a pass from Raphaël Garcia, who scored the second goal. Tristan Resendes scored the third goal in the end off the game to make it 3-0.

After the game, Philippe Eullaffroy’s team went on the road to New Hampshire for its game the day after.

Despite unfavourable weather conditions and a frozen field, the Impact U19 won its second game 3-0 against the FC Boston Bolts. Calin Calaidjoglu and Chrisnovic N’Sa scored in the first half and Mikale Fontaine scored the last goal in the second half.

Next games

The Impact U15 will play its next game on Saturday, April 21, at Centre Nutrilait, against New York Soccer Club, at 10am.

The three teams will play their following games on Saturday, April 28, at Centre Nutrilait, against Seacoast United.