Lyes MTL's online journal - Day 1

The Impact’s eSports player aims to conquer eMLS Cup

It was a busy first day at PAX East. Eight games in a little less than four hours, let me tell you, I broke a sweat. All in all, I’m pretty satisfied with my day, which finished with three victories, four draws and just one loss. I only allowed 10 goals, the best defensive average in the East.

This great video game convention leads to improbable meetings: we crossed paths with the nurse from Pokémon, a woman dressed as Zlatan and all sorts of other characters from this fantastic world. But even though distractions were numerous, I’m staying concentrated on my objective. Because in FIFA, losing focus for a second can cause you the game. My first four games of the day were the hardest. I faced didycristlito from NYCFC and HekTic_JukeZ from the Chicago Fire, the two players I consider the most dangerous in the Eastern Conference. I did well, with four draws, even though I think I could’ve pulled off a win against both.

The games against Mike Labelle, from the Red Bulls, were high in emotion. I took a 2-0 lead, but a technical error interrupted the game, 30 virtual minutes before the final whistle. It’s disappointing, because I was controlling play and he didn’t know where to turn. Although I was able to close out the game, the ten-minute delay stalled my momentum for the second game – which was my only loss on the day.

Then, I won two straight games against the local player, JKO1707 from the New England Revolution. Aligned in a 4-4-2 formation, I was trailing at halftime, so I made a tactical change: 4-3-3 with Messi as a false 9. It paid dividends: I equalized with 10 minutes left, and I scored the winning goal on the game’s last play. I rarely celebrate, but this time I couldn’t contain myself! This dramatic finish gave me confidence for the day’s last game, which I won 2-1.

This isn’t my first experience at this type of tournament, but it’s certainly an intense schedule this time around. We continue with eight more games today. I’m happy to have finished with two wins: it lessens the stress for the second day of qualification, allowing me to play with more liberty. I’m confident for what’s to come and my objective hasn’t changed: I want to win the eMLS Cup.