Top 5: Rémi Garde’s inaugural press conference

The Montreal Impact has announced that Rémi Garde will be the new first team head coach, at Centre Nutrilait, this afternoon. Here is a top 5 of his answers to questions from the media. 

“I am very happy to be welcomed and to be here with you. This is a new challenge for me, a challenge that is exciting and difficult; in football, everything is difficult. I have a lot of enthusiasm and passion for this sport.”

“I had a good feeling, a connection I felt when I first met with the team and I was able to develop a good relationship with Mr. Saputo. It’s important for me that the professional relationship touches on the personal level as well. I must say I was very happy with the meetings we had.”

“There are challenges, always. I feel a lot of excitement, a thirst to dive into something new. If not, I would have chosen to stay in a familiar environment. I am sure I will discover aspects of the game which are specific to this league, but I am ready for the challenge. I especially feel this urge to discover, to share, and to bring what I learned in Europe for a very long time to the Impact.”

“I have ideas and I have convictions. I was trained in Lyon and I played in Lyon, I practiced with them for a long time; even though I have other experiences, I am very influenced by the club. Lyon has an attacking philosophy, centred around scoring goals and keeping possession. In football, you sometimes need to be pragmatic, but my goal is to progress towards the ideals I described, and the sooner that happens, the better.”

“I believe in work. I am a coach who strongly believes in the capacity of training. Training sessions are when we can make the games we play at the weekend a little bit easier for ourselves. Training is not just there to distract the players or the coach. It is when we progress the most.”