Louder or softer than the Big O?

When Dominic Oduro burst past the Toronto backline to make it 1-0 on Tuesday, the Olympic Stadium exploded – figuratively, of course, as we lived to tell the tale.

As Impact supporters went berserk with joy, the measuring device in the hands of TSN Radio 690’s Joey Alfieri went to work. The Bleu-blanc-noir faithful emitted quite the roar: 114 decibels. One. Hundred. Fourteen. Think about it: in Quebec, exposing workers to continuous noise levels over 115 decibels is forbidden by law.

To help you understand just how powerful that noise was, let’s play the comparison game.

A bedroom: 30 decibels (dBA)

Now that’s calm. At the 30-dBA level, we calm down and drift off. The ‘noise’ is akin to someone whispering 1.5 metres away from you.

This being said, we assume that not all bedrooms stay at a mere 30 dBA after an Impact win.

The Impact offices during the season-ticket renewal period: 60 dBA

There are plenty of advantages when you become an IMFC member. You get substantial savings on the price of individual game tickets, you get priority access to MLS Cup Playoffs tickets and to special events, and you contribute to the Bleu-blanc-noir employees suffering hearing loss.

Kidding. A busy office rivals the noise level produced by… a conversation between two people standing a metre from each other. Please do keep calling us.

One person singing loudly: 75 dBA

So this guy’s voice reaches 75 dBA. Props.

A jet taking off at 600 metres: 100 dBA

Airport employees that see the Bleu-blanc-noir take off toward new heights week after week, we salute you.

A tornado warning siren: 130 dBA

The City of Toronto should consider setting this one off on or near November 30. Ladies and gentlemen, the Impact’s coming, and that bleu-blanc-noir whirlwind at BMO Field shall be visible from Montreal (7pm on RDS, TSN, FS1, 98,5fm & TSN Radio 690). 130 dBA will hurt your inner ear – that’s 64 times louder than our singing friend.

A gobbling turkey running away: ??? dBA

We can only speculate. Really, we have no idea how loud that is. But one thing’s for sure: that turkey surely doesn’t run as fast as good old Dom Oduro.

Happy Thanksgiving, America!

Sources: Section 131 of the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety and the Alberta Energy Regulator Directive 038: Noise Control.