AS Roma in town: dream comes true for Montreal tifosi

Supporting a European club in Montreal is not always simple. The lack of availability of games on TV, the early – sometimes too early – morning kickoffs, the distance and the difficulty of finding supporters from the same club – or from the rival club, for a bit of banter – can sometimes lessen our enthusiasm… What am I saying? No, all these reasons motivate us to have a second favourite club, after the Impact, of course.

Roma Club Montreal president Giuseppe Jos Recine is among those fans. He, club vice-president Nicholas Longo, treasurer Marco Agozzino and about thirty tifosi of i lupi meet every gameday at their favourite café. “We have about a hundred registered members in our club,” says Mr. Recine. “Most of us get together at the café to watch the game. It creates a nice atmosphere.”

What does having their favourite club in town represent for the club? “We bought 150 tickets to attend the game at Stade Saputo. We will welcome Roma fans from New York, Philadelphia and Boston. It is a good opportunity for them to discover our city and to party with us. This is a big occasion for us to host Totti, De Rossi, Spalletti and all the Roma team. Thanks to the Impact and to Mr. Saputo for inviting them in Montreal!”

A prediction for the game? “I think it will be a very good game. I expect Roma to win, even if they just started their preseason training. The atmosphere will surely be electrifying!”

Tickets are still available for the game!