Academy 2015 Top 5 – In 2nd position, FC Montreal’s first season in the USL

2015 was an historical year for the Montreal Impact and its Academy with many unforgettable moments. Here is a Top 5 of the best Academy events from the last year. 

2 - FC Montreal’s first season in the USL

In 2015, the Montreal Impact rediscovered the USL, this time with FC Montreal, the club’s second team and final stepping stone before MLS.

Step by step, players gained experience, progressed and started winning. In the middle of the season, FC Montreal became the team to beat with a series of six wins in eight games.

There is a clear conclusion when reviewing season 1: A USL team will contribute to the progress of the Academy players, to help them not only get a chance to eventually play in MLS, but be good  when they do.

For more information: FC Montreal USL season review

In 5th position, the Mauro Biello tournament

In 4th position, the U13 in the Champions League 

In 3rd position, the presentation in front of more than 500 coaches