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Game in numbers | Montreal vs New York City FC

IMFC dominated all facets of Saturday’s game versus NYCFC, but unfortunately, couldn’t find the one that would tip the scales towards victory. 

Here’s a look at the game in numbers, demonstrating the dominance of the home side.

possession percentage advantage held by IMFC

total shots by the home side, more than doubling the five managed by NYCFC

shots on target, compared to just three for the visitors, with the same 10-3 advantage in corners

duels won by IMFC, 54 total for City

tackles won compared to just 14 for the visitors

passes accurately completed, 63 more than NYC

The only statistical advantages held by the visiting side were fouls (18-13), saves (8-1) and clearances (33-9), which also show how much the Impact dictated play on the day.