Top 5: La belle ville or the big apple?

With New York City FC coming to Stade Saputo this Saturday at 8pm here are the top 5 reasons why Montreal is a better city than New York.

5 - Bagels -> Both cities are renowned for having delicious bagels, but Montreal’s bagels are baked in wood-fired ovens, with egg in the dough and are prepared without the heart-attack inducing slathering of salt as those in NYC. 

4 – Scent of a city -> Although this one is pretty self-explanatory, for those who have never traveled to New York might not know of the audacious aroma that awaits as you walk the streets of the big apple.

3 – Cost of living -> If you were thinking about moving across the U.S. border and cheer for David Villa or (Andrea Pirlo?), be ready for your living costs to sky rocket! According to, you would need almost $9,000/month to maintain the same lifestyle you would in Montreal with just $4,400! That’s literally double!!! Rent costs are 297.60% higher! Even apples in the big apple are 50% more expensive!

2 – Citi Bike inspired by Bixi -> In a city where transportation is difficult to say the least, New York used the Montreal Bixi system as inspiration for their healthy transportation alternative. Copy cats…

1 – Safer and sounder -> While not saying that Montreal is free of criminal activity, New York City is the mecca of malfeasance. According to a Global News report in 2012, NYC had a violent crime rate of 581.7 and a homicide rate of 6.4 per 100,000 people. In 2014, there were less than two murders per 100,000 people in the city of Montreal.