Piatti Signing

Klopas: Piatti is excited to play for the Impact

MONTREAL – Impact fans hope that Ignacio Piatti is the answer to their team’s problems. Now, they also hope he has answers to their questions as well.

The new Designated Player’s comments to Radio Grafica in Buenos Aires on Sunday upset the Montreal fanbase. Asked what his objective was in going to Canada, Piatti answered that he hoped to make a good impression and see if he could play in the United States, for a team like New York or Miami.

Piatti’s remarks came as a surprise to his new head coach Frank Klopas, who repeated on Tuesday morning that Piatti is excited to play for the Impact.

“Those places have nothing over Montreal, I can tell you that,” Klopas told reporters after practice. “That's all I can tell. But I know he's committed. He's signed a long-term deal, and sometimes, little things, you say one thing and it gets blown out of proportion. But I met the guy when he came here, and he seemed very excited and eager.

“He’s been in contact with us all the way through,” Klopas continued. “He watches the games all the time. I know he’s very excited to be here and to try to help the team.”

Piatti likely won’t explain his train of thought further until Wednesday morning, when he gets off his flight to Montreal’s Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau International Airport. Furthermore, an introductory press conference will take place at 1pm ET at Stade Saputo on Thursday, after Piatti trains with his new teammates for the first time.

The Impact fans, for their part, will get acquainted with their new player as soon as Saturday night, against the Chicago Fire.

“We have to see, with the trip and everything, how he is,” Klopas said. “But I’m sure he’ll get minutes in that game.”