Brovsky - Empowering women and youth through peaceful action

Impact supporters are no strangers to the philanthropic efforts of defender Jeb Brovsky.

While studying at the University of Notre Dame, Brovksy combined his passion for world peace with his studies in social entrepreneurship, and Peace Pandemic was born.

Peace Pandemic aims to end violence against women and empower boys and girls worldwide through soccer. Through each interaction, it aspires to alleviate social injustice and facilitate cross-cultural understanding. It seeks to teach nonviolence, promote social justice, and encourage dialogue through sports around the world.

empowering boys and girls through soccer

After organizing 3v3 charity tournaments and soccer equipment donations, Brovsky took his message to India last year to teach leadership and nonviolence through sports camps to impoverished children In the slums of Delhi.  The objective was to facilitate cross-cultural connections between kids, all who can be future leaders of peace - giving them the chance to make an impact in their own communities.

Now, Brovsky needs your help to continue his philanthropic endeavours in Guatemala as he looks to raise $5,000 to help pay for soccer balls and t-shirts.

Between December 26 and January 3, Brovsky and his wife Caitlin, will be bringing their message, along with 600 t-shirts and soccer balls, to the children of local orphanages in Guatemala.

If you want to learn more, or to donate, visit