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Postgame comments vs Houston Dynamo

Jesse Marsch

On the draw in Houston

“The Dynamo battled and they deserved a win tonight. It was a little disappointing because we know what position we are in now. We needed to win, but one point in Houston is very respectable. We will continue to battle to ensure we finish first for the Canadian Championship in 2013.”

Thoughts on Sanna Nyassi’s performance

“Sanna [Nyassi] has a few things going for him. He has a very good work rate. He has good speed. He is flexible enough to use in different spots. In games that are hot, it’s not a problem for him. He has shown he can still put up a good effort when it’s tough for other guys.”

On the team’s performance in the 4-4-2

“Andrew [Wenger] had a pretty good night, too. It’s not an easy game to find space with a small field but I continue to feel good with how he rolls along.”

On whether he will put a young team out the rest of the year

“We just need to balance everything. If we are using young guys then we are using them for the right reasons and we need to continue to push for results through the end of the year.”

Troy Perkins

Thoughts on the match

“We are disappointed. There was a questionable call, here and there. At the end of the day, it’s a good benchmark for us going into next season, knowing that we can go on the road, to a place like this, and get a result.  We get a couple results like this early in the season and we are in a better position. “

Sanna Nyassi

On the team’s performance

“I think we feel all right coming out of here. They have not lost a game at home. Coming out here and getting a point is a great result for us. We just need to learn from our mistakes, pick out the good things and move on to the next game.”

Patrice Bernier

“Tonight, it was a game of two different halves. We dominated and they scored, then in the second half, they dominated but we scored. In the final 10 minutes, the game was crazy and we gave it our all.”

Calum Mallace

“We knew we needed to win. The game was fast and we expected that. We tried everything to get the three points.”