Miguel Montano
Getty Images

Clarification: Incident involving forward Miguel Montaño

The Montreal Impact’s Colombian midfielder Miguel Montaño, who does not speak French, experienced an unfortunate incident Wednesday morning in Montreal’s metro. Two ticket agents reportedly refused to sell him a ticket, saying he did not make his request in French. As a result of this morning’s incident, an official complaint has been made to the Société de Transport de Montréal (STM) by the player. 

French defender Hassoun Camara, who was accompanying Montaño, was witness to the incident and also filed a complaint of discrimination against the STM. In the heat of the moment, Montaño spoke out of emotion on the incident via twitter, but then followed up with an apology affirming that Montreal is not a racist city.

The Montreal Impact, Miguel Montaño and Hassoun Camara will make no further comment as the incident is under investigation.