The Montreal Impact and the Commission scolaire de Montréal team up for a stay-in-school program

Montreal Impact player Patrick Leduc, who is involved with the initiative for a second consecutive year, paid a visit to students at François-de-Laval Elementary School for the occasion.

“I am very pleased to be part of this program once again,” said Patrick Leduc. “It gives me the opportunity to send a message to the kids and to exchange with them. As a professional athlete, my role is to incite kids to play sports but also to inspire them to pursue their dreams. And persevering in school is an important part of achieving your dreams.”

“The CSDM is happy to promote this program once again in partnership with the Montreal Impact. It encourages physical activity in our schools and it helps us in our efforts to promote the importance of staying in school,” said Pierre Chartrand, Coordinator of the CSDM Community Relations Office.

The second edition of All the way with the Impact will encompass several activities for elementary students and adults from the Adult Education Centres, revolving around five points:

· Visits of Montreal Impact players to numerous elementary schools;
· CSDM Day, at a Montreal Impact game at Claude-Robillard Sports Complex;
· The awarding of the Tony Licursi Bursaries;
· After-school activities with Montreal Impact players;
· Members of the Montreal Impact present at the Adult Education Centres’ soccer final.

As part of this joint program, a Montreal Impact regular-season game will be dedicated to the CSDM. The Impact will hold a special ceremony before the match highlighting some of the most outstanding students. The Tony Licursi Bursaries, named in honour of the late Tony Licursi, longtime Impact statistician who passed away in 2006, will be awarded to the top students. With the club since 1993, Mr. Licursi was very involved with public school programs to help children.


January 16, 2007 – AM
François-de-Laval School
12050 Bois-de-Boulogne Street
Montreal, H3M 2X9

January 18, 2007 - AM
Boucher-De La Bruère School
7760 La Fontaine Street
Montreal, H1N 3H2

January 25, 2007 – AM
St-Gérard School
8525 Berri Street
Montreal, H2P 2G5

January 30, 2007 – AM
Ste-Bernadette-Soubirous School
6855 16th Avenue
Montreal, H1X 2T5

February 1st, 2007 – AM
Jean-Baptiste-Meilleur School
2237 Fullum Street
Montreal, H2K 3P1

February 6, 2007 – AM
Ste-Lucie School
8901 St-Michel Boul.
Montreal, H1Z 3G3

February 8, 2007 – AM
Gadbois Centre
8305 St-André Street
Montreal, H2P 1Y7

February 15, 2007 – AM
Marie-Médiatrice School
6200 Écores Street
Montreal, H2G 2J5

February 22, 2007 - AM
Des Cinq-Continents School
Saint-Antonin Pavilion
5325 MacDonald Street
Montreal, H3X 2W6


Patrick Vallée, Montreal Impact
514-328-3668, ext. 27

Nathalie Plouffe, CSDM
514-596-6118, ext. 1261