A Word from the Director

The Montreal Impact Academy is the cornerstone for the development of players wishing to reach the Montreal Impact’s MLS team. After its first years of existence, the development structure aims to produce not only squad players, but also starters for the first team that will have a positive impact on the game.

Beyond the athletic structure, the Academy is also a living environment, with passion and emotions, where efforts, perseverance, friendship and humility are experienced daily to strengthen our club’s identity. These values are key to growing within this club. 

We wish for the players joining the Academy to have this sense of belonging at the club and to want to be part of our big family. Over the years, everyone, from the educators to the administrators, from the therapists to the scouts, has shared knowledge, values and a culture to our Academy players, reinforcing their identity in terms of behaviour and of play, which has become our strength. 

With Centre Nutrilait, the club provides a unique, high-quality setup for youth development. Players still face a serious challenge, as we are also watchful of their academic results. We ask them to be ready for two professional careers: one that revolves around sport, and one that doesn’t, imposing the same requirements for both, 11 months per year.

Conveying these values while staying true to our principles and preparing the future of our players and of our club is a challenge that we take seriously every day. We are determined to create a permanent environment suited to the growth of our young athletes. 

Here, they will share, debate, create. At the Montreal Impact Academy, we want our players to progress and to play and live well, with passion and emotion.

With these types of players as part of the program, development at the Montreal Impact Academy is not just perpetual motion. It’s also perpetual emotion.