Recruitment and detection camps


The Montreal Impact Academy has two main methods of recruitment :

1. Open detection camps
These tryouts are organized by the Montreal Impact and open to all the players (foreign players also). The training sessions help the technical staff identify players that fit the Academy’s profile. The tryouts are carried out over a few stages. Registration can only be done online on the Academy’s website (registration fee to pay online). .

2. Screening cells
Our coaches and scouts are present throughout the province, and our vast network of contacts within the Montreal Impact organization allows for the club to be on the lookout for players in all regions and all competitions in Quebec. When discovered, a player is offered a chance to play with one of the Academy teams, or offered a chance to attend one of the detection camps.

Space is limited at these camps and registrations are online, on a first-come, first serve basis.

Upcoming detection camps

Sports-Études Academy program

Tryouts registration – From Wednesday September 18 – 9am


Concerned years of birth: : 2004 to 2008 inclusively

When? : January 4 or 5 (if full, opening on January 3)

Cost of detections : 80$

Be available the three following weekends:

1st round: January 4 or 5

2nd round: January 11, 2020

3rd round: January 18, 2020

If the player passes the 1st round, he will be summoned for the second round. If he passes the second round, he will be summoned for the third round.

The Academy will inform you if the player is through to the next round on January 2020, at the latest.

If the player is successful through all three rounds, a meeting with the parents and an academic validation will be scheduled.

Educational requirements

Be or integrate into high school in September 2020

General average of 75%

Average of 65% in French and mathematics

Partner schools

The player must integrate into one of our partner schools. Anticipate doing the admission exams or any other procedure as of October to facilitate the process in case of an eventual integration into the Academy.

  • École secondaire Édouard-Montpetit (French)
  • École secondaire Antoine-de-Saint-Exupéry (French) Doors Open Days : October 3 - 6:30PM-9PM
  • Collège de Montréal (French, private) Doors Open Days : September 20 - 4PM-7PM & September 22 - 1:30PM-4PM
  • Lester B. Pearson High School (English) Doors Open Days : October 3 - 6:30PM-9PM
  • John Rennie High School (English) Doors Open Days : October 3

Pre-Academy program

Registration : Online registration – only on our website - , from October 22 th  2018. ( Tab “ Join the Academy” / “Registration” ) 


Concerned years of birth: : 2017 to 2011 inclusively

When? :
1st round February 9th and 10th
2ND round February if the player passes the 1st round.

Cost of the tryouts : 60$ + tx

Program details

The season is spread out over three periods

Period 1: outdoor – mid-april to end of october.

U8-U9-U10: two practices + one game/week – Centre Nutrilait

U11-U12: 3 three practices + one game/week – Centre Nutrilait Two weeks off (Summer holidays) One week off at the end of October, beginning of November

Period 2: transition – beginning of november to mid-december

*Lower charge of training, focused on technical work with futsal.

U8-U9-U10: one futsal practice + one fame/week – Place TBD.

U11-U1 : one practice on the field + one futsal practice + one game/week – Place TBD Three weeks off (Holidays)

Period 3: mixt – beginning of january to the end of march.

U8-U9-U10: one futsal practice + one practice on the field + one game/week – Place TBD.

U11-U12: 2 two practices on the field + one futsal practice + one game/week – Place TBD

Please note that at the end of each semester, each Pre-Academy player will have to do detections (February) to integrate the next age group. There is no guarantee to pass to the next level at the end of the season.


U8-U9-U10: $ 1750 (tax included) - $9 per hour of soccer.

U11-U12: $ 2100 (tax included) - $8 per hour of soccer.

Possibility to pay with one deposit and three payments in three months. You could receive a tax credit for the physical condition of the kids.

These costs include:

• Field renting + registration to leagues and tournaments

• Full adidas equipment kit

• Pre-Academy coaches’ remuneration

Académie U19

Registration : March 18 2019 


Price : 95$ + tax

Where : Nutrilait Center

Detection dates :

- 1st round : May 13 2019 6 pm to 7:30 pm

- 2nd round : May 15 2019 6 pm to 7:30 pm

Concerned years of birth :  2001 and 2002

For any other questions, you can contact us directly by email at the address: Please note that we will not respond to inquiries over the phone.