player type

Type of player we are looking for
For starters, it is very important that you be yourself. Do what you can do and what you are used to do. Express your strengths and the coaches will notice. You will be observed and evaluated on different points such as:

We want active players, who have a taste for effort. Endurance players who have volume and love soccer as a game. What are you doing to have the ball? What do you do when you just lost the ball?

Attitude / Character
We are looking for brave, determined and positive players, who communicate positive energy by gestures or words and who do not easily get discouraged.

Intake of information
Can you read the information around you before you receive the ball? Are you able to take this information when you have the ball?

Intention of play
Do you have you good ideas when you have the ball, in the manner to use it, in how to get it back?

We want players who are able to take information quickly, who frequently provide support and who are able to move and execute at a good speed.