FAQ: Pré-Académie

What competitions or leagues will the Pre-Academy teams participate in?

At these ages, the quality of the both training/match is much more important than the results. We prefer to put young players in an environment conducive to their development without the pressure of competition and results. Our teams at the Pre-Academy will play friendly games as well as tournaments throughout the 12 months of the program.

What is the difference between the Pre-Academy and the Academy?

The main difference lies in the fact that the Academy players are in contact with the Academy every day of the year (sport-études) with the goal of becoming a professional soccer player. At the Pre-Academy, the focus is on the development and growth of the young player, without particular pressure of performance or results.

Where does training take place?

In the spring and summer we can take full advantage of the new synthetic field at Stade Saputo. All practices and home games will be played there. The fall and winter, we are forced to train indoors; therefore, practices will take place at the Complexe Sportif Marie-Victorin and Stade Hébert.

I live to more than 20km away from Stade Saputo, can I still register my child for the Pre-Academy tryouts?

At theses ages, to avoid long and tiring trips for children, we have restricted geographically entries to Pre-Academy teams.

Why do you pay for the Pre-Academy when you don’t have to pay for the Academy?

The players we selected for the Academy are there to become professionals. Therefore, the Montreal Impact supports the costs of training. For the Pre-Academy, our wish is to bring our experience and our know-how to the development of the soccer player from the youngest in a professional environment. The costs are calculated as a result of the proposed provision.

What is the transition like from one category to the next as a new season approaches?

At the end of every season, your child will have to go through the tryout process to move to the next age category. This process allows for the greatest number of applicants possible each season.

My child is on a Pre-Academy team. Is his spot guaranteed within the Academy afterwards?

Absolutely not. Being a part of a Pre-Academy team, even for a number of years, does not automatically mean your child has a guaranteed spot with the Academy. The Montreal Impact Academy has its own set of needs and criteria that it applies when selecting players.

Can my child be part a Pre-Academy team with the Montreal Impact and also play on another club team?

The Quebec Soccer Federation regulations do not allow a child to join several clubs at the same time. Your child will not be able to play for another club while registered with the Montreal Impact. Of course, the young player may leave the Pre-Academy team during the offseason to enroll with another club (according to the regulations of the QSF).

What are the costs associated with registered my child with the Pre-Academy?
  • Cost/year U8-U9-U10: $1600 or $8,45/per hour of soccer
  • Cost/year U11-U12: $1950 or $7,45/per hour of soccer
  • These costs include field rental, registration for leagues and tournaments, a complete package of training gear in the colours of the Montreal Impact and the remuneration of the Pre-Academy staff.
  • You may be eligible for a tax credit of $500.
  • For more information, questions about the Tax Credit, you can find more info on the program and the Pre-Academy by clicking here
Does my child sign a contract with the Montreal Impact?

Of course not. The agreement between you and the Pre-Academy is similar to one with any other amateur club.