How many players will you develop in one year at the Academy?

There will be approximately 20 players per team. In Europe, the statistics show that 10-15% of the trained players within the club go on to sign with the professionals.

What type of player is the Academy looking for?

We are looking for intelligent players on the field who have an irreproachable attitude. We want passionate and motivated players who have the desire to make soccer their trade, no matter their style or origin.

At the end of an evaluation session, is there a personal report card presented to the player so as to work on weaknesses?

No, unfortunately due to time constraints, it is impossible to evaluate every player and to give a personalized report to the hundreds of players that take part.

Is it possible to partake in several detection sessions?

Yes, it is possible to take part in more than one recruiting session. The cost is $45 per attempt. If your child did not make a good first impression (flu, stress, slept badly, etc.), another opportunity is possible. The best session will be taken into account.

What does a recruiting session consist of?

A recruiting meeting lasts 90 minutes. The young players will be evaluated based on their direction of play, their technical qualities and mental qualities.

What are the different stages of the selection process? Is there a selection each year?

Selection camps are held yearly: around mid-October for the U21 and the first week of January for the sports-etudes sides. You can find all the relevant information by clicking on the following link to our recruitment section

Will the players that become part of the U21 team be obliged to go to CEGEP Marie-Victorin?

Our club encourages academic success, but when a player leaves the structure of the sports-etudes program, he no longer is obliged to continue his studies to remain with the club. However, our desire will remain to have individuals who are pursuing their studies.

Several CEGEPs in Montreal are part of the Alliance sports-etudes programs, which allows a player to work his classes around his training schedule. You can find the CEGEPS that are part of the Alliance group by clicking here: https://www.alliancesportetudes.ca/cegeps.html

Do you think that there will be many Quebec-based players with the Impact in Major League Soccer?

At the moment, the team has two Quebec-born playes, Patrice Bernier and Karl W Ouimette, Karl W. Ouimette, the first ever Academy player to sign an MLS pro contract. The Impact looks to develop its players and teams with strong values and local identity.

The club invests $1 million each year in its Academy. As Montreal Impact president Joey Saputo said “Yes, we want young people playing soccer. And yes, if we want our young Montrealers to feel a connection with their, we need to develop Quebec players of the highest quality. If all goes well, within the next two to five years, Academy members will make the jump to the first team.”

Is equipment provided?

Adidas equipment necessary for training will be provided by the Montreal Impact. However, the player is responsible for cleats and shin pads.

Where are the training sessions held?

At the Marie-Victorin Sports Complex located at CEGEP Marie-Victorin, (7000, boulevard Maurice Duplessis), in Montreal and at the Stade Saputo facilities. From mid-April until October, outdoor sessions take place at Stade Hebert (7655 Colbert St., Mtl) for the sports-etudes program and on the annex field at Saputo Stadium for the U21.

Does my participation in the sports-etudes program hinder my availability for regional, provincial or national selections?

No, Academy members can play on regional, provincial or national teams.

Could I benefit from financial aid for housing or transportation?

Any student that is part of a sports-etudes program is eligible for aid offered by the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport: http://www.mels.gouv.qc.ca

Financial assistance corresponds to a compensation of $225 per month for housing and $100 per month for transportation. Certain conditions apply for the latter. Note that the two offers cannot be combined.

I am a member of the sports-etudes program, but I’m having difficulties academically. What resources are available to me?

The Impact Academy’s priority is academic success of its athletes. Therefore, Édouard-Montpetit and Lester B. Pearson secondary schools offer, for example, group or individualized programs or tutoring to help students maintain the requirements: 65% in mathematics and French, and an overall average of 75%.

What does a typical day look like at the Montreal Impact Academy?
  • 8:05am: Classes begin
  • 12:25pm: classes end + lunch
  • 1:15pm: Arrival by bus at the training centre
  • 1:30-3pm: Espoirs training while the U16-U18 groups study (mandatory)
  • 3-4:30pm: U16-U18 train while the Espoirs groups study (mandatory)
  • Afternoon: training and mandatory study period
  • 4:30pm: end of day for all
I live outside of the greater Montreal area. Is it possible to join the Montreal Impact sports-etudes program?

Accommodations, such as host families or residency may be proposed. Efforts will be made in collaboration with the Montreal Impact. The Academy currently has 15 players coming from different regions of Quebec. Find more information here

How many players will you develop in one year at the Academy?

There will be approximately 20 players per team. In Europe, the statistics show that 10-15% of the trained players within the club go on to sign with the professionals.