The Academy Institute

Elizabeth Hosking, a promising young Canadian half-pipe snowboarder, was at Centre Nutrilait with her coaches to talk about high-level sport.

Throughout the year, our Academy members are involved in activities outside of soccer as part of the Academy Institute, which will be used to help our players in their development, their personal culture and as a tool to become a professional player.

For example, players will participate in various courses that will help them with their personal development as a player. This could include dance and zumba classes to work on their coordination and to remove them from their comfort zone, as well as classes on hygiene, communication, the history of the club, soccer culture or even information sessions with top-level athletes from other disciplines.

The goal of these classes is to make young Montreal Impact players more autonomous in their preparation. The Institute adapts itself to age groups, with classes on a better understanding of one’s self and the club's history for the U13 and U14 groups, and an emphasis on invisible preparation for the U16 and U18 teams.