MAtv launches documentary on the next Impact stars

Montréal – The new documentary L’impact de l’Académie (Friday 6:30pm and 10:30pm) follows the path of young athletes from the Sports-Etudes program of the Montreal Impact Academy. MAtv focuses on the lifestyle of those players, who hope to, one day, join a professional team, including the Montreal Impact.

The show takes a look at the values issued from the sport and its way of life: knowledge, tough decisions, obstacles, sacrifices made on a daily basis, but also friendship, ambition and pride. Carefully selected by a team of experienced scouts, these young soccer players will have to face many decisions and tests before realizing their dreams. This year spent with the Impact will prove to become for the participants much more than a sports and academic training, but an authentic life lesson

Attitude first and foremost

How to develop players with an above average game intelligence? How to teach the technical side of the game while promoting respect, good judgment and critical thinking.

WATCH: Episode 1

The psychological aspect of this training takes an important spot in the development process of the apprentices. Even if the technical elements such as speed are important, the Academy explains that it’s the ability to take the right decision at the right moment which is essential. The coaches will not make any compromises when it comes to players attitudes. And success at school and social integration are not options.

A few players will stand out, and will enable us to live their experiences at the Academy with them. We will also follow the development of a rookie, Gino Temguia, who made his debut for the Impact in September for the U16 team.

Schedule - Episode 1

  • Monday November 19 9pm ET
  • Tuesday November 20 1am ET
  • Friday November 23 6:30pm ET
  • Friday November 23 10pm ET
  • Saturday November 24 4am ET
  • Saturday November 24 11:30am ET