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Collen Warner’s work rate applauded by Frank Klopas

With Patrice Bernier back in the lineup, it may have been curious to see the Impact captain in a defensive role while fellow midfielder Collen Warner was playing higher up the field over the last two games, but the answer, strangely enough, is due to defensive responsibility.

“We moved Warner to the left wing in Houston because they are strong attacking wise on that wing with Corey Ashe and Brad Davis,” explained impact head coach Frank Klopas. “They attack 75% of the time on that side. We were able to bring Patrice Bernier in the middle as a result for ball possession and it worked well in Houston.”

With the success versus the Dynamo defensively, Klopas and his coaching staff felt that it could work against the Sounders, who are strong on the opposite side, which moved Warner to the opposite wing for the home matchup with Seattle.

“This week we put him on the opposite wing and it didn’t work out as well because after they scored the early goal, they played very defensive and just looked to counter.”

In three games, Warner has played all but four minutes so far this season, earning the coaches' trust for his work ethic.

“Collen’s work rate will always be there. What he brings is that he comes in a little bit more, which allows for the wide back to come up a little more. We could use him in the middle and out wide, and his attitude is great. He wants to win and wants to play, so he works hard every day.”