Supporters key to finding winning ways

If you ask the players about the team’s recent funk, all will say two things: the first is not to panic and the second is that the team and its supporters need to stick together.

“When you’re down and times are tough, you need to stick together and the supporters are a part of us, our unit,” said Impact All-Star Patrice Bernier. “At home, we know that there is that extra energy, even if we are behind in the score. So the 12th man is extremely important, especially in tough times, as they show their continued support. Our fans will be key to help us get out of this little hole we are in and find our winning ways.” 

And based on the support the team has received so far this season at Stade Saputo, the players is confident that the backing from those in attendance will be as strong as ever.

For assistant coach Mauro Biello, who played in this city for almost two decades before joining the coaching staff, the supporters in Montreal have been at the root of some of the team’s highlights over the years.

“Our supporters are always important. Playing in front of them, you always want to have a good performance,” explained Biello. “The backing of the supporters like we have, always pushing us and giving us an edge, is so important. Our fans have been behind us all year, even when we were down. They helped push us to score goals and come back in tough games.”

Team captain Davy Arnaud knows as well that the energy at the stadium can be that extra helping hand in turning things around after the team’s four-game winless streak.

“When you have the fans behind you, even though we’re going through a tough stretch, that can definitely be that extra motivation to go out and change your fortune,” he said.

This Saturday against FC Dallas, the supporters will be key in fortifying the fortress that is Stade Saputo.