MLS All-Star: Why you should vote for Felipe

Brazilian midfielder Felipe was one of the revelations in MLS last season. His rookie campaign saw the former Lugano-man lead the Impact with 10 assists. He added four goals in 30 starts and became a fan favourite with his positive attitude.

Here’s why you should vote for Felipe

Felipe has a tendency to earn points in key moments. He’s already scored three goals to go along with his three assists in 2013, one marker shy of his total from last season. But what’s interesting here is that of his three helpers, two of them were game-winning assists and of his three goals scored, two lifted his side to victory.


Flair on and off the pitch
The Brazilian has a flair for the spectacular. Whether he scores a highlight reel goal (like this AT&T Goal of the Week winner back in 2012), or dances the Samba to celebrate his marker, Felipe brings flair and personality on and off the pitch that could prove beneficial against all-star opponents AS Roma, who have a lot of personalities of its own on its roster.


He's not afraid of anyone
He’s pesky. Big name players have had a hard time playing against Felipe, who has a propensity to get under their skin. Proof of that, he was the third most fouled player in the entire league last season and managed to unnerve some of the biggest names in the league, including David Beckham at Olympic Stadium in a 1-1 draw on May 14, 2012. Anything that can be done to get the likes of Francesco Totti and Paolo De Rossi off of their games could prove invaluable.


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