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Derby delight - What you may have missed from Wednesday's win

With the emotions of the spectacular 6-0 victory over Toronto FC overflowing, here are a few things that may have gone unnoticed, but were not missed by the watchful eyes of Impact Media.

WATCH: Full-time whistle at Stade Saputo

Captain Davy Arnaud lost a contact lense during the game. He ran to the bench, but was forced to play a few minutes with just one good eye while someone went into the dressing room to get a replacement.

Designated Player Marco Di Vaio, who finished the game with two goals and two assists, replaced Daniele Paponi in the 38th minute due to an injury to his hamstring. In the urgency of the injury substitution, the Italian forward was panicked for a few seconds as he could not find one of his shin pads (on which are the names of his wife and kids). “I don’t see them. I don’t see them,” exclaimed Di Vaio in Italian. Luckily, he found it in between a folding seat at the players’ bench. The rest of this story is known…

Immediately following the game, club president Joey Saputo gave head coach Marco Schällibaum and emotional congratulations. Watch it here.

After the coach’s post-game press conference, as is custom, Schällibaum wished all the journalists a good weekend. Everyone had a quick laugh, especially Marco, after realizing that it was Wednesday and not Saturday.

For several minutes following the gaeme, the Ultras Montreal were singing and chanting outside Stade Saputo, congratulating the players as they left the building, but also to wish TFC a “good trip” home. Defender Maxim Tissot, who made his second start in an Impact uniform, joined the Ultras in celebrating after the game.