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Evan Bush - "We are definitely capable of scoring two, three, or four goals"

Read what Impact goalkeeper Evan Bush had to say following the team's 2-0 loss in the first leg of the Canadian Championship semi-final, Wednesday night in Toronto. The Impact will play the second leg at Stade Saputo next Wednesday, May 1st at 7:30pm ET. 

The Impact is also in action this weekend and will host the Chicago Fire at Stade Saputo, this Saturday at 4pm (ET).

What went wrong in the second half?

I think in the first half there were times where we had errors but they didn’t expose us.  In the second half a couple of the errors that we made they exposed us.  Credit to them, they took advantage of the opportunities they needed to take advantage of in the second half and got two goals and that’s a good result for them.  Like I said, we need to figure some things out and try to play with a little bit more confidence next week.

Is it possible for you to come back from two goals?

Yeah, it’s definitely doable.  I mean, if you look at the Champions League in Europe right now, those guys are down four-to-zero and four-to-one so I doubt they are counting themselves out and we aren’t going to count ourselves out either.

We are definitely capable of scoring two, three, or four goals in a game. When it comes to cup games crazy things happen and hopefully we can get on the board early next week and dictate the play and get the result we need.