Bernier - "We want to be dynamic and technically sound in 2013"

Impact midfielder Patrice Bernier adapted quickly to head coach Marco Schällibaum's coaching methods.

Bernier, who will be playing his second season in MLS, explained that the changes brought by the new gaffer has enabled the players to improve on their technical play.

"We see that he has all his ideas in place, said Bernier in a interview with Impact Media. He focuses on quick play, especially going through the middle of the field. He wants us to be more dynamic and technically sound, and this is what we worked during the first week."

The team's 2013 Most Valuable Player also highlighted Schällibaum's work on the training pitch.

"He takes the time to explain our mistakes, added Bernier. It's good to show a mistake, but it's also better to explain why it happened and how to find a solution."

And even if training camp just started, Bernier is already looking forward to the games before heading to Seattle for the first game of the season, on March 2.

"The first weeks are tough to manage, especially with the fatigue, admitted Bernier. Once we play the preseason games in Florida, we'll feel better and we'll prepare ourselves for our first game of the season, on the road, in a difficult atmosphere in Seattle."

The team will train in Montreal until February 6 before heading to Orlando, Florida, to play in the Walt Disney World Pro Soccer Classic, from Feb. 7 to 24.