De Santis: "We're looking at players in offensive positions"

Sporting director Nick De Santis and Director of soccer operations Matt Jordan have been impressed by what they have seen at the MLS Combine, in Fort Lauderdale, prior to tomorrow's MLS SuperDraft, at noon ET.

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“The combine gave us an opportunity to confirm our opinions on certain players,” said De Santis, in a conference call with the media. “We will meet up once again this evening to discuss the possibilities. We will also look at possibly improving our draft position in the first round.”

And it seems that the team's sporting director has a good overview of what they will go after tomorrow.

“Even though we had some problems defensively last season, we are looking at players in offensive positions to help our attack,” he added.

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Director of soccer operations Matt Jordan wants to keep his options opened as they plan our their decisions for tomorrow.

“There are some good players available this year and we had interviews with several of them in Florida,” said Jordan. “We are aware that things can change very fast over the next few hours or during the draft, so we have to be ready for anything.”