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Different stories for different folks

Each player has his own personal reasons to be enthusiastic for this tour of Italy.

Defender Matteo Ferrari says coming back to la bella Italia has been a breath of fresh air both on and off the pitch.

“I’m very happy to be back here,” said the former Roma defender. “At the end of the regular season, we were a little down, but it’s nice to come here and see how we measure up against two top teams from Serie A. It will be a good indication of where we are and where we need to improve.”

But he is also happy to be home.

“My family isn’t very far from here (Bologna), so being able to see them and spend some time with them is great as well,” said Ferrari.

Building relationships

For interim head coach in Italy Mauro Biello, there are two key purposes for the Impact’s visit.

“The focus is going to be on finishing the year off in the right away, emphasizing group play over the next two weeks. It’s important that we work together to try and get two good results. We are also trying to create relationships with top clubs all across the world.”

Taking everything in

Quebec Defender Karl W. Ouimette is thrilled to be living this experience as young player.

“This is an experience that for me, you need to learn from,” said the Impact’s first ever Academy signee in MLS. “My job is just to take everything in.”

When asked what he’s learned about Italy so far in just two days, he responded: “Everything is so much smaller… the houses, the hotel rooms, the size of the streets. It’s very different.”

He also learned from Ferrari how much better the espresso’s are, but unfortunately for Ouimette, he can’t take advantage of that perk as he doesn’t drink coffee.