Final stretch towards the first game in MLS

The Montreal Impact players retook the field Tuesday, at Marie-Victorin Sports Complex, following a well-deserved day off.

Head coach Jesse Marsch met the media to introduce the team’s first ever captain in MLS, midfielder Davy Arnaud.

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“As a player and as person, he embodies a lot of the qualities that we want to have as a team,” said the head coach. “It’s a natural fit for him, it’s a role that he’s used to and he’ll have good help around the team.”

“We have a good group of veteran leadership,” added Marsch. “Davy has a lot of guys that he can rely on and that can help him lead this team.”

Arnaud relies heavily on work ethic

The new Impact captain is humbled with his new responsibilities and remains aware that it requires team work to have success this season.

“I’m excited, but I’ll still be myself,” said the midfielder. “It’s important for us to approach games and training the right way and have a solid work ethic.”

As for his French, Arnaud has every intention to able to address the media and the supporters.

“I know a little French and I’m practicing it every day,” he told the media. “It is a big part of the culture here and I think it is important for the guys to try and speak it.”

Bernier: Arnaud, the logical choice

Midfielder Patrice Bernier, who was named assistant captain, praised the new captain’s qualities.

“Davy is a good choice,” he said. “He has what it takes to be our captain and he has played in this league. He has already served as captain in Kansas City. The players respect him and he will be the guy who leads us on the field.”

With three days before the Impact’s inaugural game in MLS, Bernier is very anxious to get things going.

“We have a team with an expansion tag,” explained the Canadian international. “We are a competitive and proud side. We will answer those questions on the pitch.”

Three days to First Kick

The Impact plays its first game in MLS this Saturday, at B.C. Place, in Vancouver at 6pm (RDS, TSN, CJAD), and then its home opener at Olympic Stadium on March 17 at 2pm (ET), against the Chicago Fire.

Season tickets are available online at or by calling 514-328-3668 while individual tickets for the five games presented at Olympic Stadium are available through Admission.