10 things you should probably know about Heath Pearce

The new Impact defender is getting settled in Montreal

Heath Pearce Gilt

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While Heath Pearce is condo-hunting this morning in Montreal, here are 10 things you should probably know about the Impact's newest defender.

He’s a professional DJ.


And a really good dancer.


That's actually just a photo of him paddle surfing. Carry on.


The guy’s got style.


He can rock a Mickey-Mouse sweater like no one else can.


He’ll show you how to grow a mustache.


Oh, he also used to have a racing team.


Oh yeah, turns out he’s also good at ukulele.


Music runs in the family.


And he happens to speak 4 languages.

English,  Spanish, German and Portuguese. Seriously, Heath.


And we forgot one last thing. He kinda likes his new city. Welcome to the city, Heath!


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