MLS All-Star: Why you should vote for Patrice Bernier

Impact's homeboy definitely deserves your vote

Impact midfielder Patrice Bernier has had one heck of a homecoming. The Brossard native became a key cog for his home town team. Earning the team’s MVP honour last season, Bernier has not only become a hero at home, but a revelation across the league as he’s been talked about as one of the best registas in MLS.

Here’s why you should vote for Patrice Bernier.

Boss in midfield
In a more defensive role, Bernier still managed to put up good offensive numbers with one goal and five assists in just 14 games played in 2013, tied for 3rd spot in the entire league in this category. However, what’s more impressive is that four of those five assist were game-winners, having a direct result on the outcome of the game.


He fits everywhere
Bernier has also become an important part of the Impact’s defensive corps with a number of changes to the starting formation. At the beginning of the season, he slid into the holding midfielder role in 2013. He then had to readjust to playing the 4-4-2 formation after a move from the 4-2-3-1. Although he would prefer to play a more offensive role, he was able to adjust and balance both perfectly by winning back balls uncompromisingly in front of the box.


Mr. Regista
Despite a couple of strong players from la belle province to have played in MLS, none has ever represented Quebec in the MLS All-Star game. Who better to be the first from Quebec than one of the best registas in the league, whose 10 years of experience playing in Europe would also come in handy against all-star opponents from Italy, AS Roma?


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