Impact head coach Schällibaum - "I'm proud of this team because they didn't give up"

Read what the coach and players had to say after the game in NY

Marco Schällibaum Impact head coach

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Read the postgame reactions from Impact head coach Marco Schällibaum, midfielders Andrés Romero and Justin Mapp as well forward Marco Di Vaio following the 2-1 loss against the New York Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena, on Wednesday evening.

Impact head coach Marco Schällibaum

On the match:

Since the first half we had a lot of tactics on the field, it was very good. Red Bulls didn’t know what to do, we were good on the field and we had our chances, two or three, the only thing is we didn’t do it; that’s the difference. If we would’ve scored the first goal it would’ve been a different game but I’m proud of this team because they didn’t give up. I think they were on the same level, maybe even better than Red Bulls today but in the end all there is, is the result… the important thing, now we have zero points and Red Bulls (have) three. At the end it's not a nice feeling.

On whether fatigue played a part on today’s match:

No, I don’t think so. I mean we have good preparation, we played for 93 minutes and we were present. That’s OK because my players, they are fit and when you are fit you have very good preparation. The problem comes Saturday, again (playing a match) after three days. We must not give up and have to show up like we did today.

On playing Marco Di Vaio off the bench:

Marco, he can’t play today 90 minutes and again on Saturday. That’s my opinion and I think it’s also the opinion of the players, we spoke yesterday together and they understand it. You see it also, when he comes (into the game) he has more power but I think… Marco is a very important player but I can’t play him 90 minutes every time, that’s very difficult for him physically.

Impact midfielder Andrés Romero

On today’s match:

The truth is I believe they had a much more complicated game, they were playing at home, they had to win and they obviously did. I think it was a pretty even match and I believe the fair outcome would’ve been a tie.

On how the game changed on the second half:

The 1-0 made it easier for them, they were calmer and we had to attack and try to find a score. After that they scored the second goal on us off a set piece but we leave here happy with our performance.

Impact midfielder Justin Mapp

On today’s match:

Yeah, obviously disappointed to give up a goal right before halftime and I thought we came out with the right mentality on the first half, had the majority of the ball and created some half chances but unfortunately didn’t get one until the game when we were down two (goals). I definitely feel like we left some points on the board tonight.

On recent defensive struggles:

It’s just playing on the road, two good teams, goals happen. It’s a team effort; our defense has been very good this year. It’s part of football, sometimes you got to tip your hat to the other team but hopefully we’ll rebound on Saturday.

Impact forward Marco Di Vaio

On today’s match:

It was a difficult match for them as well. The first 35 minutes we played very, very well. We were the owners of the pitch, from the bench it seemed as if they were having a harder time than us, especially the last 10 minutes. For some reason we just stopped playing and we gave up a goal at the end of the half. The second half we also played very well but their forwards had too much room, they also played well and they found a second goal, that goal from Thierry (Henry) killed us. My goal at the end was too late.

On if he knew he was going to come off the bench tonight:

Yes, (the coach) told me that we have had a lot of games within the past couple of weeks, we also have a very important game on Saturday so he just wanted to change his style of play and change some players.

On how his mentality changes by coming off the bench:

It’s all the same, you prepare. You have less time to contribute on the game so you have to enjoy the time that the manager gives you on the pitch; you have to perform much better and much quicker. You have to try to exploit a hole or a situation that’s going to help the team.

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