Impact kicks off All the Way with the Impact program for 8th year

Club continues commitment towards students

Impact bourses 2013

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The Montreal Impact continues its commitment towards students through its program “All the Way with the Impact”. Last Saturday, as part of the game versus Toronto FC, six recipients of the Tony Licursi bursary were honoured on the field at halftime.

Hundreds of people from three different school boards were on hand at the game on Saturday: the Montreal School Commission, the Fédération des établissements d’enseignement privés and the Commission scolaire des Affluents. 

Ismael Gimenez, from Laurier, Daisy Villanueva, from Louis-Hippolyte-Lafontaine, Kayla Brutus, from Académie Louis-Pasteur, Kristopher Bujold-Pitre, from l’Institut d’enseignement de Sept-Îles, Léane Allard, from École Longpré, and Marie-Jeanne Landry, from École Le Castelet, were each given $500 bursaries based on the educational merit and dedication to sport.

In addition to the bursary program, the Impact also visits schools all across the Greater Montreal Area to speak to students about the importance of perseverance in both sport and in school, to assist in reducing the number of school dropouts.

On Monday, while Jeb Brovsky was at Riverview, defender Karl W. Ouimette spoke to kids at l’école de l’Étincelle and midfielder Patrice Bernier addressed the students at Centre Marie-Médiatrice.

Team captain Davy Arnaud addressed the students at Roselyn Elementary for the official launch of the English Montreal School Board on March 11.

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